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Enfield Skips, Waste Management and the Environment

Nearly every local authority, business and community member needs a sustainable, totally reliable waste management solutions provider in their area. The purpose of the waste company is to provide a service that will minimise waste and cost for the community it serves. Enfield Skips has a responsibility as a regional integrated waste management company and regional industry leader, to provide waste solutions and best practices to the authorities and communities it serves.

Enfield Skips Ltd is committed to providing sustainable waste solutions to all sections of the waste industry. Enfield Skips prides itself on customer service, customer loyalty and above all their commitment to the environment.

Enfield Skips has several years of experience in dealing with waste and supporting the local communities growing needs. Due to the increased demand in the waste industry and the pressure of providing good environmental practice we have made these two issues the focus of our business and aim to lead the way in providing waste managements solutions for the public and there environment.

Waste Regulations

The Law States that your waste is your responsibility
You could be liable for a fine of up to £5000? Remember Your waste is your responsibility!

You must Ensure you Use a registered waste carrier! To comply with the law your waste removal and treated by a licenced company.

Every year 100,000’s of tonnes of waste is illegally dumped around the UK. Aside from the massive cost to the tax payer to have this cleared up, it is a massive environmental problem polluting our environment and causing hazard to health.

The law states that it is your responsibility as the waste producer to ensure the company collecting your waste is registered as a licenced Waste Carrier and that the waste is taken to a site licenced to take it. If you ignore this responsibility and use a company that is not properly licenced and your waste ends up where it shouldn’t, you could receive a fine of up to £5000.

Enfield Skips are Licensed to carry waste our registration number TNE / 375820
In addition Enfield Skips Operate a Registered Waste Transfer Site. Our waste management license number is WML80716

Enfield Skips are fully compliant with the ESA (Environmental Services Agency) guidelines, waste transfer stations.

Please ensure your waste is carried and treated by a recognised licenced company.

We consider ourselves a responsible waste Company and ensure 100% environmental compliance.

When using Enfield Skips you can be sure of the following:

  • The waste you produce is taken away by fully licenced company
  • The waste you produce is taken to a fully licenced site
  • Your waste will not be illegally dumped or burned
  • For more information on Waste Regulations please use the following links

Hazardous Waste

Skips are for general and inert waste only, we can only take Hazardous Waste by Special arrangement, Hazardous Waste includes, Fridges, TV's or Monitors, Paints, Solvents, Liquids or Asbestos, Fluorescent tubes.

Additional Information on the “Hazardous Waste Regulations”

Hazardous waste is essentially waste that contains hazardous properties that may render it harmful to human health or the environment. Many everyday products such as fluorescent tubes, TVs, computer monitors and some paints and batteries are now classed as hazardous waste. (Please visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk for a full listing of hazardous waste substances)

If you produce any of these hazardous substances you may need to register your premises with the Environment Agency on an annual basis. The Environment Agency charges a fee to register your premises with them.

There are some exemptions in place so not everyone need register their premises:

People who Do need to register their premises:

  • Businesses producing any hazardous waste
  • Any households, offices, shops, farms, schools, colleges, prisons, residential and nursing homes, hospitals, dental, veterinary and other medical practices, premises used by charities and places used for the purpose of collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment that produce more than 200Kg of Hazardous Waste in a year.

People who Do Not need to register their premises:

  • Businesses that do not produce any hazardous waste of any kind
  • Households, offices, shops, farms, schools, colleges, prisons, residential and nursing homes, hospitals, dental, veterinary and other medical practices, premises used by charities and places used for the purpose of collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment, producing less than 200Kg of Hazardous Waste in a year

Failure to register your premises means that you will be committing an offence as will anyone who removes hazardous waste from your premises.

Hazardous waste disposal is subject to Duty of Care. As such you need to complete and retain consignment notes for each consignment of Hazardous Waste.

Mixing of different categories of hazardous waste or the mixing of hazardous waste with non-hazardous waste is prohibited under the regulations, unless the mixing is authorised by a permit or exemption.

For more information on Hazardous Waste Regulations and other environmental legislation please visit www.defra.gov.uk

Should you have a requirement to dispose of any hazardous waste please contact us directly by phone or e-mail as it can not be placed in a normal skip